Saturday, March 8, 2014

I hate libertarianism

So this is a bit out of left field considering I normally use this blog to post videos about The X Files and complain about my job and tell stories about the weird things students say to me. But I just want everyone to know this.

Libertarians are terrible people. They only give a shit about amassing and protecting their own wealth. They put the right to property of a few over the right of many to live decently. They complain about the government trampling on their right to have more money when there are children living through painful, unnecessary, grinding poverty who will never have any property to protect. To a libertarian, your only value is the things you own. If you own nothing, you are worth nothing. Libertarianism prioritizes a political theory written by a privileged, propertied white man from hundreds of years ago over the very real need and suffering of millions of people. So fuck you if you claim to be a libertarian.

That's all.