Sunday, October 17, 2010

The cutting edge

This morning I had a meeting with on my fellow directors for this student alumni association we work for. After we had finished our official business, we started talking about history papers and I told her if she needed help finding sources at the library, I would totally be willing to help a sistah out, because I am a history major and thus very familiar with the library.

"Wow," she said, even though my library investigative skills aren't as impressive as they sound. "You know, I think you would be a good journalist."

I laugh, knowing what she does not about my former career aspirations and dashed dreams and disillusionment and all that. "Nah, being a journalist is too much work," I replied. "Plus, journalism is dying."

"True," she nods. "I think blogging is going to take over."

Oh, precious. How insightful. Welcome to 2004.

Look, I like this girl. I really do. She's great to work with. But that was adorably out of date. We've only got two years until the world ends* and I would've thought by now that everyone under the age of 30 was a bit more with the times. But what do I know? I don't even have a Twitter.

*Because Westerners totally have a complete grasp of and solid belief in Mayan cosmology and astronomy and therefore should trust all of their predictions.


  1. This entry made me laugh XD
    (also twitter ends up being a huge time suck, if you want to get any work done, avoid it haha)

  2. Ahahahaha. I quite enjoyed this whole post. :D (if this were Facebook, I would *like* it officially.)

    Although I really don't think journalism is dying, just emerging in a new form. Newspapers may be dying, but they are just a form of journalism: the web is a new frontier! :)

    Ever optimistic,