Tuesday, August 2, 2011

And then who the hell was I?

One my jobs, the one teaching a workshop for US History, is going to be over this Friday. And my other tutoring job ends the week after. I am so disappointed that summer will soon be over. This is my final "summer", because after this year I will no longer be a student. I still can't believe I'm (almost) a proper adult. When the fuck did that happen?! I'm just gonna go watch Toy Story 3 and bawl uncontrollably.

Speaking of Toy Story 3, today at work my co-workers and I were discussing which part of Toy Story 3 is sadder: when the toys accept their fate in the incinerator, or when Andy finally gives Woody away. Then we started deconstructing the role of fate and God and sex and a bunch of other things in the Toy Story series. This is why I fucking love my co-workers. I'm going to miss them. A bunch of them already graduated, so they'll probably be gone after this job is over. Plus, there's this one co-worker who is incredibly tall and lanky and has this raspy voice and always a bit of scruff and he was an Ethnic Studies major so we always talk about racism and feminism and politics and Mexico and he's just so fucking sexy, but he's one of the ones who has already graduated so I'll probably never see him again. Fuuucckkkkkkkkk.

In other news, this is a gorgeous song, sung by a girl who's, like, fourteen and has an absolutely phenomenal voice.


  1. I knowwww! :( I don't want to graduate haha jk

    I love that you analyze things like Toy Story 3 as your pastime.

    You should ask him out! :P

  2. I should! But the likelihood of that happening is very small.