Sunday, April 22, 2012

The home stretch

My thesis is due on Friday. I am, predictably, behind and feel like there's no way I'll ever finish it on time. But obviously I will. Because I have to. And then on Friday I will start drinking at noon and not stop drinking for about two days. I think that is a fair and reasonable way to handle this situation.

Also, I had a phone interview on Thursday with a bilingual school in Kansas City to teach fourth grade. I scheduled it for 9 a.m., not thinking about how that meant 9 a.m. Central Time instead of Pacific Time and how it was really going to be 7 a.m. Oh well. I have a Skype interview with them tomorrow at 7 a.m. again. I hope I get this job. I want to teach children science in Spanish! I'll have to teach myself science in Spanish first, but hey, todo será posible después de esta pinche tesis.


  1. Have you been hired by TFA but not given your position yet? (Good luck on getting the job!)

    This is probably an ultra stressful time for you. Have the greatest of all times once you're finished :D Also: "But obviously I will. Because I have to." SO VALID. That is how I know I'll always study for things I'm sick of and such.

  2. Yeah, you get accepted by TFA, but you still have to interview with principals to get a job offer at a specific school. But I got the job! So yay!

    1. Congratulations!! That's awesome :D

  3. The whole concept of Skype interviews really freak me out! Phone interviews were bad enough when I was interviewing with TFA, but I think I might have cracked under the pressure via Skype. Best of luck!