Sunday, August 26, 2012

College stress is just child's play

This job is anxiety and stress up the wazoo. And I don't even work at a badly-behaved nor poorly-managed school. I actually have tons of support from co-workers and administration staff. Yet I am constantly on edge, except like on Saturdays which is my one day to relax. THIS SHIT IS FOR REAL, SON.

In other news, my sixth grade girls were telling me which boys they like and were always shocked that I could guess who liked whom or who used to date whom like I was never eleven years old, bitch please.


  1. oh no! but i bet you're doing an awesome job! :)

    1. Hahahah I like how people keep saying that but it's really not true

  2. Awww at 11-year-old surprise at magic psychic crush-sensing powers! 11 is a fun and carefree age.

    I know that everyone keeps saying that you must be doing a great job and it's probably started sounding cheesy, but either way you're doing a great job at something. You're working through something that has you incredibly stressed out and contributing to a good cause. Even if you feel like it's not going perfectly or even well, it will improve, especially with the amount of thought you've put into this. (Wow, thank goodness *that* didn't sound cheesy. I do mean it though). Good luck for the future :D