Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sometimes it's just like what the hell

Ok, so this is a problem I put on Friday's quiz:
"You have several options for a cake. You can have tres leches, chocolate, or strawberry cake. You can have chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry for the frosting. Draw all the possible results."
This is the answer one girl gave me:
Chocolate: cookie, M&M, vanilla
Vanilla: algocha*, jam
Strawberry: pineapple, peach, apple
I'm sorry, but what? What? What is going on here? Bless this girl's heart, she does try, but I don't know what kind of math they teach in Venezuela that makes her come up with the answers she comes up with. (Sidenote: She came to the US from Venezuela in January. Also the quiz was in Spanish so it's not like she doesn't understand it.)

*algocha is what she wrote in Spanish, I looked it up and I still have no idea what it means

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  1. Just lol'd. Please post lots of teaching stories, they're the best.