Saturday, May 15, 2010

Magic powder*

Yesterday, the fourth graders I teach about nutrition** in Oakland told me that today they were selling lemonade to raise money for their afterschool program, the very one I teach through, and could I please come? Oh, of course, without a doubt.

So Bernadette and I went to Fruitvale, although not after waiting an ungodly amount of time for the bus, which I sure as hell hope was because everyone is graduating/moving out and the traffic on College was awful.

"This better be fucking bomb lemonade."

Okay, so it wasn't 'fucking bomb'. But it didn't bomb. It was very good! I had the strawberry lemonade, which was very, very good! And then we got lunch, and beignets. They were the highlight of today (I wish they were the highlight of every day).

I also bought my dad this awesome watch for Fathers' Day. I don't think my dad's personal taste extends much beyond Hawaiian shirts, but I hope he likes it. If he doesn't, hell, I'll wear it. I think it's fab.

The only thing that would've made today better is if Steve had let me meet his roommate from Newcastle (Newcastle!) last night.

Oh well. You can't have everything, can you?

*not that kind of powder
**hahahahha, I know

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