Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wish I had a clever pun about Italy

Florence is really beautiful, but my mother has sort of been driving me up the wall. She can be quite controlling and condescending, which is funny because she would always tell me that I can be very bossy and rude to people. I've never said that it's probably because I learned from the best, and I don't think vacation is the most opportune moment to bring it up.

Anyway, Florence. Really pretty. Very touristy though. I like the quieter parts of towns, especially little parks. And I'm already getting sick of churches, which is bad news as it's only Day 2 and there are 14 days total. But today we did this cooking lesson at someone's house in the countryside and we made pasta by hand and everything was delicious. I want to be in a small town, like I was last time I came to Italy. But I think some of the other towns on our itinerary are quite small, like the towns in Cinque Terre. I'm super excited for that.

Um, I have nothing else to add and I'm really disappointed that I have no cohesive structure to this entry, so, uh..... gelato!


  1. wow the photos are amazing!

    and hang in there (with regards to the mom thing) haha

  2. I love the picture of you hanging on the lamppost. Label = Life Goals, lamppost, gelato...maybe there is an invisible connection there. Enjoy the rest of your two weeks in beautiful Italy!

  3. It all looks so pretty.

    Making pasta by hand sounds fun. I do not like looking at churches either (do you have to? is it part of a tour that you are on or something?)

  4. Your pictures make me miss my week in Italy. :(
    Making pasta sounds awesome! Did you go on top of the Duomo? It's so pretty from up there, but damn terrifying to make your way up and down from it.