Saturday, May 5, 2012

Any old time you keep me waiting

Saw the Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys show at the Oracle Arena last night. It was amazing! I didn't think the Black Keys could sell out an arena! The last concert I saw in an arena was The Who!

The Arctic Monkeys played for almost an hour, even though they were technically just the "opening act".  Alex Turner, my future husband, was cute and charming as ever. Although they didn't play "Fake Tales of San Francisco" which I think was a major MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

And the Black Keys were awesome! They played mostly their more upbeat songs, which kept up the temo and energy. My friend had told me she had seen the Black Keys at Cochella last year and they weren't very good which had ruined her taste for them. I don't know what they did then, but this show was amazing and has only served to further solidify my love. I also went with my friend Jeren, would had never been to a concert before. Maybe I've set his standards too high now.

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  1. These pictures are awesome! Looks like it was a great time :D My last concert was over a year ago :(