Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Turn around, bright eyes

My roommate Hana always buys meal points every semester (even though we have a huge kitchen and 4 fridges and 2 freezers) yet never ends up using even close to all of them by the end of the semester. So during finals week, the whole house ends up going on expeditions to the dining commons, those far-off lands we only ever enter when she decides to buy us all a nice fattening, salty, yet-somehow-also-bland meal.

So tonight we went to have dinner at Crossroads, the dining hall closest to our freshman dorm, to re-live that crazy time four years ago when we would get five plates of food for every meal and like no wonder I gained fifteen pounds freshman year.

Hana said it felt like The Freshmen* were giving us funny looks, like they could tell we are seniors and don't belong.

Or maybe it was because we were talking about The Freshmen really loudly and singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

*Yes, with Capital Letters.

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  1. It's weird how different things can feel in a few years. Must be an exciting time, though!