Sunday, September 23, 2012


So the school district mandates this generic online diversity training. YES, I WENT TO COLLEGE AND I KNOW WHAT RACISM IS AND THIS TRAINING IS ASININE. The "situations" they propose are so overly simplistic and also one is about a man who walks into a teachers' lounge full of women AND FEELS SO UNCOMFORTABLE BECAUSE OF ALL THE VAGINAS I GUESS. Right, that's the real cultural diversity problem. That's where the real sexism comes in.

But it wasn't done yet. Nope, shit had not yet gone downhill. The video then started talking about "equality language" versus "superiority language". According to the video, an example of equality language is, "I don't want my parents to arrange my marriage. But I'd really like to hear about how your parents arranged yours." OOOOOHHHH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT EVEN. Nope. Just nope. SHUT IT DOWN.


  1. What would superiority language have been? Because this equality language kinda sounds a bit condescending...

    1. Um "superiority language" is "Your parents arranged your marriage?! That's so weird!"

      Yep, really getting into the tough and pertinent issues of racism, sexism, and ethnocentrism.