Thursday, September 13, 2012

Something profound about love

"The idea is that the real home that you build in your world is a home of love. That is a home that is all about exposing yourself to vulnerability, it’s all about giving yourself fully to another person, it means that you feel comfortable and safe enough to drop all of your masks…also that you forgive in another person their flaws, because you’ve already encountered, embraced, forgiven your own flaws. And really I think as a human person—in my mind, I’ve always thought the final home of any human is in love."
Junot Díaz on the imperfect perfection of the novel and why genre fiction gets so little respect

Junot Díaz why can't you marry me is it 'cause you're already married in real life*

*Don't know if he's actually married in real life. He's pretty awesome so I'm assuming he is because that's how the universe likes to fuck with me.

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