Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Two more states crossed off! That brings my total to... 11. Only 39 more to go.

I am here in Cincinnati to do Thanksgiving with my friend Jill, who I studied in Mexico with. Her neighborhood is so fucking cute. Very San Francisco-y. Point in case: I'm at this cafe, and these people next to me are clearly having a business meeting (yep, at a cafe, at 1 pm, on a Wednesday) and they are talking about how it's important to show that their product/service/made-up religion is "structually committed to authenticity" and offers "cultural insights" and is "new but experienced (fresh w/ firepower)". CRAZY, NEW-AGE, SOCIAL MEDIA SYNERGY DOUBLE SPEAK DOESN'T GET ANY MORE SF/SILICON VALLEY-ISH THAN THAT.

Oh shit, some girl just called something "an online experience" but then said it was "too soon in the relationship to do that". Jesus fucking Christ.

Maybe I'll go for a run soon. It's really nice out. I never thought I'd be like, wow, 55 degrees is beautiful weather! But it is. My life has been taking the strangest turns lately.

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  1. An online experience, wtf? Sounds like something you get from a porn site.