Sunday, November 11, 2012


It's hard for me to update now. I only ever work and then come home and work some more. I rarely go out with friends. I think this is the third (fourth?) week in a row that I've stayed in both Friday and Saturday nights, but I'd rather not count because it makes me depressed. I feel like my roommates and TFA friends all ignore me. No one texts me to ask what I'm up to or if I want to join them for a drink. I don't talk to anyone except people from back home. I would actually rather be in a room of unruly 6th graders because my apartment reminds me of how I have nothing to do but plan lessons when I'm not at school.

People forget to tell you that moving somewhere new isn't all glitz and glamour and adventure; it's loneliness and trying to find new furniture and melancholy and aching for home. But it's also weird, because home isn't home anymore; supposedly I live here now. I feel like my mind is definitely not in the same place as my body. I feel like I don't live anywhere.

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  1. I do not have enough life experience to offer any sort of advice :( That's sort of a lie, my advice is: food food food hot chocolate pizza gilmore girls reruns and also angsty reblogging. These may all be somewhat juvenile suggestions, though I do believe pizza is timeless.

    Transitions generally suck :( I'm sorry that everybody seems somewhat detached. Have you ever gone out with any of them?