Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rain, rain

It was rainy all day, but the nice kind of rainy, the kind that reminds me of Berkeley. Didn't really need an umbrella but everything was overcast and seemed brighter. It was 50˚ which seems positively warm now. Didn't even wear tights with my dress.

Watched 2 Days in New York, which was wonderful. An awesome follow-up to 2 Days in Paris. Julie Deply just gets it. And by it I'm not really sure what I mean but I know it's something she gets. I want to be cool and beautiful and awesome like her and also I kinda wish I could date Chris Rock? And also be French and live in New York with adorable children? You know, normal desires for my indecisive, hopelessly lost 22-year-old ass.

I've been talking to a bunch of people about living arrangements for next year, when I will most definitely not be living with my current roommates. One of my roommates actually asked me earlier this week, in a rare moment when she was talking to me, about where I was thinking of living. I was like Uhhhhhh not with you fucking assholes that's for sure but only in my head; out loud I just hemmed and hawed and was like Oh I'm gonna try living on my own I think I've never done that maybe it'll be a good experience. Ugh. As long as I get out of this pinche apartment with these pinche people, I'll be happy. Being alone, like actually alone, is better than feeling lonely amongst passive-agressively hostile roommates.

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  1. Wow, I've never met your roommates but I completely hate them? That sounds like the worst way to live as an independent adult for ~the first time~. I'm glad you're ditching them!