Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The last night of spring break, we decided to go to a park, something we had not done all week, which is strange, because it tends to be what we do when we hang out.

So after an hour of playing tag, Kimberly decides to show us her pole dancing moves on the firemen poles on the playground. (If the cops had come by at this moment, it would've been amazing. And awkward. But mostly amazing.) Janelle and Katie and Maureen trying out the pole dancing moves is to be expected, but when Mikko and Brandon and Elliot went for it (and were all surprisingly good at it), well, that's just one of those moments of discovery that gives you new and valuable insight into your friends.

Then, for some reason, Maureen asked why girl push-ups were called 'girl push-ups'. And I answered, without thinking of being more specific and less innuendo-y, "Because you're on your knees."

Yeah. It was definitely that kind of night.


  1. LOL!! "Because you're on your knees"!!

    My friend Amanda's sister threw her a bachelorette party with pole-dancing lessons. It was actually a lot of fun. If I had the money, I'd love to take the class because supposedly it's an awesome full-body workout.

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