Saturday, April 3, 2010

On growing up

"Don't laugh while I'm shaving your head!" Gracie chides. "Wow, I'm never gonna get to say that again, am I?"

"Probably not," Hana replies, half her head shaven, the other half covered in Barbasol. "You might as well live it up while you can."

Some people deal with officially leaving their teenage years by playing ding dong ditch or going to the park. Hana deals with it by going bald and buying a neon-colored wig. My 20th birthday is in a month and a half, and I wonder what needlessly immature thing I'm going to do to celebrate.

"Oh, don't worry," Hana tells me, sharing a look with Gracie. "We already have something planned for you."

I fear what this might be, but for now I can't worry, because I have to go help finish shaving my roommate's hair off.


  1. I wouldn't have the guts to do that. Go girl! to your housemate.

  2. Wow, go her!!!

    On another note, did you see Doctor Who? Did you like it? I loved it, quite surprised about that!

  3. I did see Doctor Who, and I did love it! It was so much fun, especially after all that emo shit. I'm really enjoying Matt Smith's less ADD-take on the Doctor too.