Saturday, July 31, 2010

Berkeley Bowl just blew my brain

Today I went in to Berkeley Bowl, a local grocery, for the first time. It was amazing. Their produce section is bigger than the supermarket just down the street. Just, every fruit and vegetable and legume and herb imaginable, from every place imaginable, all reasonably cheap. I mean, they even have prickly pears. I can make agua de tuna*, just like I had in Mexico. My mind exploded with possibilities of dishes to cook. I'm pretty sure I was dragging my jaw along the floor as I walked down all the produce aisles, because a clerk asked me if I needed help.

And when I say 'cheap', I am not kidding. I bought everything pictured above, which is a head of lettuce, a basket of cherry tomatoes, three tangerines, a HUGE-ASS avocado, a flat of raspberries, a loaf of bread, and a head of garlic (not pictured), all for $10. Yes. $10.

Sometimes, I talk a lot of shit about Berkeley for being a town full of annoying, liberal yuppies (which it totally is), but sometimes Berkeley is just fucking awesome.

Also, did I mention how HUGE this avocado is? Like, really huge. Like, here it is next to a salt shaker for some comparison.

SO HUGE. I kept raving about it while I was making dinner tonight and Kimberly was like, "OH MY GOD WE GET IT SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR STUPID AVOCADO." Whatever. She doesn't even like avocados; she clearly does not understand how amazing this is.

*The prickly pear fruit is called tuna in Spanish. Tuna fish is atún.

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