Thursday, July 22, 2010

The woes of my priveleged, white existence

I am sitting at a strange and uncomfortable desk, at a computer that is not mine (but is, thank god, the fastest computer in the office) and my eyes keep glazing over.

I shouldn't be bored, because I do have various tasks that need doing, but none of them are urgent so I'm having that difficult time I have getting anything done when what I'd rather be doing is watching Mad Men or Dollhouse or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I could be finishing pitch letters, or blurbs for the August e-Newsletter, but instead I'm trying to find something, anything to read that doesn't pertain to the work I'm not doing.* I only have to be here until 4 p.m., but the minutes just seem to be dragging, like the laws of physics themselves are slowing down just to torture me.

Don't tell my boss how lazy I am.

*I'm pretty sure that double negative just negated what I wanted that sentence to mean. Whatevs.

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