Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coca-Cola are assholes

The Dark Side of Vitamin Water:

Now here's something you wouldn't expect. Coca-Cola is being sued by a non-profit public interest group, on the grounds that the company's vitaminwater products make unwarranted health claims. No surprise there. But how do you think the company is defending itself?

In a staggering feat of twisted logic, lawyers for Coca-Cola are defending the lawsuit by asserting that "no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage."

You know, I remember back in high school, asking my friend Amelia why she bothered to spend so much extra money on Vitamin Water, when it was clearly just juice, and she seemed to believe that all the extra vitamins somehow counterbalanced that. So maybe I should testify for the plaintiff in this lawsuit? Or maybe Amelia is just dumb.

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  1. I only believed it was healthy when it first became popular here, but realized quickly that it was overpriced and not actually filled with beneficial vitamins :/ It reminds me a bit of gatorade and other sport drink type things, actually...

    Coca Cola's excuse that no one would actually believe Vitamin Water to be healthy is still completely ridiculous, though :P