Thursday, December 1, 2011

An inconvenient illness

I have two days (technically now one day) to finish a 3,000-word paper (I've written 1,500) and I guess today I decided it would be a good time to get an infection of some sort, complete with the headaches and bodyaches and fever and sore throat. Seriously, this was like Mexico-level infection sort of sick. I was sitting in my last class of the day (which I really wanted to skip but didn't because it was the last lecture of the semester plus it's the one I have to write this paper for so I thought they might mention something useful) and I was burning up even though it was really cold outside, and my eyes were glazing over because instead of talking about anything to do with the course material, other students were asking inane questions about how many pages our final paper had to be (however many pages 3,000 words takes up, dumbfuck) or asking what narrative flow on an ID answer meant or how many pages 800 words was handwritten while my blood pounded away on the inside of my skull and I wanted to die. Then we watched a shallow and uninformative documentary about the Zapatistas which was a complete waste of time.

But no matter. I have take one extra strength Tylenol and two Advil liquid gels. The fever is down; my body feels like it is at a normal temperature. I am going to crank this shit out.

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  1. That sounds ridiculously stressful D: I'm really sorry you feel so sick (felt? hope the medicine is working!). Dealing with idiots (or just a boring class) when sick just sucks. Good luck with your paper and feel better soon!