Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Second to last time I will ever post about finals

I took an 8 a.m. final today. Ughhhhhh. I have another on Thursday at 8 a.m. The only thing sustaining me right now is the fact that it will be the last history final exam I will ever have to sit!

Although I still have a thesis and probably Spanish exams. Ehhhh.

Also, yesterday I found out that Alma Guillermoprieto is teaching a four-week course on the history of Mexico, El Salvador, and Colombia and the difficulties of reporting there. I am hoping so hard to get into this class. Alma Guillermoprieto is, like, my lady hero. She is amazing. I could be studying with her! Ahhhh!


  1. I feel your pain with regards to finals and whatnot.

    Good luck on getting into the class!! :D

  2. Blarghh, busy schedules. I hope your finals went really well :)

    Good luck on that class! That sounds awesome.