Sunday, February 28, 2010

Adventures in cooking

Being a poor (not really) college student trying to make and cement healthier eating habits, I've been doing a lot of cooking for myself. Usually this involves mostly just making sandwiches or quesadillas and salads, because I don't have a lot of time.* But occasionally, when I a few free hours,** I try random recipes I find online or even cook by the seat of my pants and do it without a recipe at all!

What I've made so far, and the gustational outcomes:
  • hummus (I don't know from which recipe. I didn't drain the canned chickpeas first though, so it was a bit watery but tasty nevertheless and worked really nicely as a spread on sandwiches.)
  • falafel (which was delicious, and all my roommates agree)
  • lasagna (only replacing the sausage with more ground beef and the cottage cheese with ricotta)
  • baked chicken with caramelised onions (which I made for dinner with my friend Bernadette who is still going on about how it was the most delicious meal she's ever had, which I count as a victory)
  • lemon bread (which did not come out properly due to the fact that I had to use just baking soda instead of baking powder, but it still tasted pretty good and my roommates liked it as well)
  • guacamole (I basically just chopped up some onion and tomato and mashed it in with avocado. But I'm going to count it anyway, dammit!)
  • meatloaf (which I made tonight, sin una receta, which was approved heartily by Bernadette and Kristy)
So basically, I'm a culinary genius.*** And my mother thought she needed to teach me how to cook!

*a.k.a. I'm lazy
**a.k.a. get up off my lazy ass
***I am not a culinary genius


  1. I used to think I was a pretty decent cook, until I read this blog post. I suck at cooking by the seat of my pants, if I don't follow the recipe, the food turns out horrible.

    The baked chicken sounds DELICIOUS. I must try that one.

    I am actually really hungry now.

  2. I must not be a very good cook, because it fascinates me that you made all of these haha.

    Falafel is basically one of the yummiest things on earth. You should have made it into falafel wrap with the homemade hummus.

    it all sounds nummy :)

  3. Um, of course I made falafel and hummus sandwiches!

  4. I got positively addicted to falafel when I lived up in Berkeley one summer. And that lead to the conclusion that L.A., with not one decent falafel joint within a 20-mile radius of my school, is a culinary black hole. But it's awesome that you're cooking for yourself, and I hope you have posts about cooking adventures.

    p.s. do you read or have you heard of

  5. I had not heard of that blog. But I'll check it out!

    (Also, I think it's really sweet that she married a guy who started out as a fan of her blog!)

  6. Also, if you're looking for Middle Eastern food in LA, you should go to the Fairfax district or parts of West LA (specifically Pico). Basically, where all the Jews live.