Thursday, February 18, 2010

We live in a classy neighborhood, part 2

A few days back I was taking a shower. And I don't say this like it, in and of itself, is a singular or special event. I take showers all the time, obviously. And usually, I have our bathroom window, which is right about eye level in our shower, open quite a bit, because otherwise it's like a freakin' marine layer of hot steam in our bathroom.

So there's nothing inherently unusual about this shower that I'm taking. Until I happen to glance out the window and THERE IS A GUY STANDING THERE, STARING STRAIGHT AT ME.

I freaked the fuck out and quickly slammed the window closed.

When I told Mikko about it on AIM, he joked, "Oh yeah, that was me. Nice tits."

Ugh. He would.


  1. Eww creepy. You should have asked him to come in and you'd give him a more "suductive" viewing and then tazer his ass.