Saturday, December 26, 2009

I feel old, but not very wise

An Education was also a really excellent movie.

I have a substantial post coming up soon. About work. And how much I hate it. It's probably coming up. If I ever get around to writing it.

But speaking of work, the past week I saw this women who had to be at least my mother's age wearing a New Moon t-shirt. STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. You are an adult. You should know better.

Right now I am in Berkeley. We drove up this weekend to move in, because my parents can't get any time off work in January. So our grand Christmas celebration (which is really a Secular Celebration, because we are Jews) consisted of the hotel my parents are staying at finding us a restaurant that was actually open and my friend Bernadette, who is housesitting, coming along with us. And then Bernadette and I baked cupcakes and watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Today we spent all day assembling the furniture we bought at Ikea this morning. What is with those instruction booklets, eh? I get the whole breaking-down-language-barriers pictures, but some words would be nice. Because some of these drawings are whack.

I guess this turned into a semi-substantial post? Of course, that depends on your definition of 'substantial'.

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  1. i always wanted to watch an education

    good to know it's good lol