Tuesday, December 29, 2009

You're not wearing any pants

Last night, we had a party. And I found out just how okay--no, awesome--everything is.

Kimberly is house-sitting for her mother's French teacher. Her mother's French teacher is ridiculously rich and lives in a huge house in what is possibly one of the schnazziest neighborhoods in the country. (I'm not kidding--no one on the corner has swagger like these people do.) So The Group (yes, in capitals) got together for heavy drinking (in which I did not partake because I had work this morning) and hot-tubbing (which I just took off my pants for, thus the title, because I did not have a bathing suit).

It was ridiculously fun! Laura was confessing basically her every paranoid jealousy and insecurity and emotional secret. If I thought before that she vocalised every thought that came into her head, I now know that she actually has some sort of filter! Last night was very revelatory.

Speaking of revelatory, I found out that Mikko told The Group I he made out with him me in August. But it turns out they don't really care! Because Mikko is kinda The Group Whore, and has kissed/made out with me, Brandon, and Katie, and is working very hard on adding Kimberly* and Laura to that list (without much success). So my whole paranoia about them judging is all moot, because it's really just another flow chart in the complicated and ridiculous love triangles/parallelograms/pentagons/hexagons/whatthefuckever within The Group. So I feel so much better now.

And then when we all went in the hot tub, I took off my pants so I could stick my legs in while sitting on the edge.** Katie had just come back from the other party she took two hours off of our party for, and she walked in the door, looked me up and down, and said, "You're not wearing any pants."

No, I am not wearing any pants.

*Even though he and Kimberly dated in high school, he never kissed her? What? No wonder they broke up.
**I was wearing a shirt dress, so don't worry, my ass was covered both figuratively and literally.


  1. This post played in my head like a scene from a movie. How funny!