Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Satin Lives

I ignored Adventureland when it first came out (some lackluster reviews turned me off to it), but we watched it tonight and I absolutely loved it. I'm aware that it's a bit cliché, but I think I don't care. I feel like maybe I relate to it a bit too much though; about the having absolutely rotten luck in the realm of love/relationships/sex/whatever. And being awkward. But I've decided I'm in love with Jesse Eisenberg. Also, this movie re-ignited my love for "Pale Blue Eyes".

When Jesse Eisenberg's character put the song "Pale Blue Eyes" on the mixtape for Kristen Stewart's character, who was a big Lou Reed fan as well as other rock'n'roll-ish stuff, Laura said she didn't think Kristen Stewart's character would like that song. I don't think Laura knows what Lou Reed sounds like, much less that he wrote the song and was part of the Velvet Underground.

Later this evening, after we decided to go to Jack 'N' the Box for some late night snacks, I said something while in Brandon's car, I don't even remember what, some joke about something in Spanish and/or Spanish-related and I cracked myself up, and Ben said that it was really cute. Which doesn't mean anything, and I've known Ben for-freakin'-ever, since I was about three, but it made me a bit giddy nonetheless, because that's just how ridiculous I am.

Mikko and I have done a good job at not being awkward after the awkward-ness that occurred this summer. (It involved Pushing Daisies and lots of hours spent on my bed watching TV--use your imagination. Actually, don't. It's probably not as interesting as you'd imagine. Just some lame attempts at seduction and me confessing that Sorry, that ship stopped sailing sometime before I graduated from high school. That's it, really.) I'm pretty sure that we probably wouldn't being hanging out if it weren't for our group of mutual friends, but we've both seemed to reach an unspoken agreement to pretend that nothing happened, except for occasional comments to each other. Which no one paid attention to. And even if they were to pay attention, they were not so obvious as to attract any second thoughts. Which is my biggest fear as far as that whole situation is concerned: that someone in our group of friends would find out. I just feel like they would never really think of me the same way, and the idea of them knowing embarrasses me. Which I think means that turning down the offer was, on the whole, an excellent idea.

Thus concludes your overshare for the evening morning.


  1. Adventureland = Love

  2. fuck what people think!
    blame it on the booze :]