Sunday, January 3, 2010

Class with a capital K

I'm honestly surprised I managed to survive New Year's Eve with my virginity intact and work the following day.

We, again, partied at the schnazzy house Kimberly is house-sitting. We covered the whole classiness range, from swilling wine in crystal glasses to drinking SoCo and Coke out of a Jack in the Box cup. We played Left 4 Dead, than played a drinking game with the new Star Trek movie (every time Kirk someone breaks a rule, which is really often) and drank champagne at midnight.

And then... the real heavy drinking started. And then came the hot tub. Again. But this time! there were no worries about me not wearing pants, because I was prepared and brought a bathing suit!

Anyway, the hot tub is where things got interesting. (Isn't it always?) Mikko made our with Brandon (hot), and then Janelle made out with Katie (surprisingly, as I'm not into girls, hotter). But of course, Mikko is such a slut that his hands kept wandering to places they had no place being. He really is The Group's whore.

We finally went to sleep around 4:30 a.m. And I got up to go to work at 6:30. I wanted to kill myself, but I did watch the sun rise as I drove down the hill to my place of work. But then the suicidal feelings returned about three hours into an eight-hour shift. And it didn't help that practically every other person just had to say, "So, working on New Year's Day, huh?" Yes, thank you. Why don't you just RUB IT IN A LITTLE MORE.

I'm so glad that's done. I slept twelve hours yesterday. I had forgotten what sleep felt like.


  1. hahaha bad decisions make for great memories :D