Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy day blues

Normally, I like rain. I like the sound it makes, I like rain-tossled hair, I like wearing cute warm coats and scarves and boots. But then I forgot about rain in Berkeley.

I should know by now that rain in Berkeley is notoriously off-and-on, like two bored, excitement-craving teenagers in a high school relationship. I should know this. But somehow the almost-clear sky and slight glimpse of sunshine fooled me around 3 p.m. this afternoon.

Today was the first day of classes, and I only had two, because a) there are no Linguistics discussions the first week of school and b) I am still number five on the waitlist for my Spanish class and only the first three people can sit in on the class but I need that class if I want to major in Spanish and it's making me nervousssssss.

Where was I? Right, only two classes.

My second class was a discussion for a lecture I'd had earlier today. It started at 3. As I left the house, I looked out the sky, which was looking very pleasant and friendly and a lot like a post-storm sky. So I left my umbrella at home. But I had forgotten that THIS IS BERKELEY and YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE YOUR UMBRELLA AT HOME HERE. Even when, no, make that especially when, you think, "There's no way it's going to rain." BECAUSE BERKELEY WILL FIND A WAY, BELIEVE ME.

Also, for this discussion, I went to the wrong classroom. It was almost 3:10 (all classes start ten minutes late, on 'Berkeley time') and there was no one there. I must've written the room down wrong, I thought, and called one of my roommates to look it up for me. It's in another building, I found out, but one very close to the one I'm in. A two minute walk, barely.

Of course, the very nano-second I leave the building, rushing desperately being as I'm already late, it has to start fucking hailing. HAIL. AS IN SMALL BALLS OF ICE. REPEATEDLY PELTING ME IN THE FACE.

But I got to discussion, and my GSI was really nice. She just had me fill out a form with all my info, and then a few minutes later, everyone (who had already been paired up) introduced each other. AND THEN SHE DISMISSED US.

So I ran through the hail for an ice breaker game. Good to know.

On the plus side, my outfit today was super cute* and I went to the gym! Getting off to what I hope is a better start.

*But I'm not posting pictures because a) this is not a fashion blog, who do you think I am? and b) all the pictures I tried to take came out really badly.


  1. lol i'm so glad i was in doors so i didn't have to deal with hail lol

  2. Hail. Ice breakers. I find it hilarious.

    Bloomsburg is like that too. I was dressed really cute one day, I curled my hair, everything. The moment I set foot on lower campus, the skies opened up. I was soaked. I loathe the rain.