Friday, January 8, 2010

I think I'd be good for you

On Wednesday when I went to Hana's house, she and Kyle (her boyfriend) and I were watching Behind the Music: Brett Michaels and it was HILARIOUS how people were saying these SERIOUS and SINCERE (a.k.a. fake) things about how great a person he is and how Rock of Love is a legitimate attempt to find love. Like, no it's not, we all know it's not. It's reality TV; we all know the name of the game and it's to watch a bunch of dumb hos get drunk and fight and curse and be slutty. No to find true love. So the fact that they were still trying to make people sincerely pretend that this was not the case was really funny. Also, Brett Michaels said, "I didn't want to be a parody of who I was in the 80s." OMG, LOL, BRETT MICHAELS. YOU ARE TOO MUCH.

Also, I love this song. And I related to it far too well.

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