Saturday, January 9, 2010

For all you bloodsuckers out there

I saw Daybreakers last night, and thank fucking god, a movie that actually has an interesting and fresh plot about vampires instead of just using them metaphors for tween sexual frustration. Not that vampires as metaphors for teenage sexuality can't be interesting (I mean, Buffy, right?) but someone needs to shake this country teen-aged girls and for some inexplicable reason middle-aged housewives out of it's their weird current fetishism with vampires. Even though the dialogue was bad and the movie was so MELODRAMATIC!OMG at times that it bordered on comical, it was still interesting, instead of just two or three bad actors starring and biting their lips and playing with their hair and taking off their shirts at each other.

Before the movie, I went to IHOP with Sam (to go bug Misty, of course, and wait for her to get off work). I forgot how much I freakin' love Sam. I've known him since freshman year of high school, but it's not like we really hung out that much during high school (or that we even hang out much now), but he and I can talk and go on and on like we've been BFF since first grade.

And speaking of vampires, the City of Lawndale planted garlic in the road dividers to keep out the vampires, DUH!

I'm pretty sure the councilman is joking (if not, then he makes me SO PROUD to be Californian), but is just a fucking pro at being deadpan. I really hope this is the case. Because that makes him sort of awesome.

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