Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to lose a guy in ten days (or maybe fewer)

On Thursday afternoon, we were just sitting outside our apartment, chilling, painting a cabinet (or, in Hana's case, painting a picture of Jesus) when we heard this scream. And not just any normal scream, but a scream like I've never heard before, like a weird combination of a dying animal and some poor soul who's just been told off by Simon Cowell in their American Idol audition. Seriously, we thought this poor girl was being attacked. We listened some more, and it became apparent that she was just sobbing, well, more screaming than sobbing, but that she was not in any immediate danger. So we didn't, you know, call the police.

Then this girl starts to yell. And I really do mean yell. Because she's in the apartment above us (we think), but all the doors and windows are closed and we're outside but we can still hear her, clear as daylight, going off about how she's trying to talk to 'him' and he's just picking his nose (I KNOW). And this goes on, intermittently, for hours. It gets dark, and eventually she called him or he magically appeared in her apartment without us seeing him come into the building and she accuses him of lying and 'studying with that girl' and we're just sitting down there thinking, Whoa, girl, you need to get a grip. And then maybe dump this guy that's causing you so much distress.

Because we all know the healthiest behaviour is to scream about your crazy emotional insecurities for your whole apartment building to hear, right?


  1. Jesus Christ, I feel embarrassed FOR her.

    You live an interesting life Arielle. I want to live in your apartment block.

  2. THATS INSANE. She must be going through something REALLY stressful to do that. I'm loud enough as it is and I would never even think of it :/ Is she okay, mentally? I really don't mean that to be funny, I'm just making sure she wasn't under any influence if she cried and screamed for hours. Or she really does have emotional problems in her life...
    I'd hate to be you guys and hear that though. -.-