Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Power struggle

Last night, after we had all frolicked in the cold water at the beach around midnight, we were sitting on the boardwalk wall, enjoying the view and trying to regain feeling in our toes. Misty and I mentioned how earlier we had been discussing how we, being employees in the food service industry, have become adept at manipulating people (especially men) to get larger tips. The discussion we had been having was that it was really a matter of control: making people (usually men) think they're in control of the situation (and thus you), when you're really the one with all the power.

"Uh, yeah," Sam scoffs. "Right. Manipulation."

"What? You think we couldn't manipulate you?"

He smiles, almost embarrassed it seems, and shakes his head. "I am the master of manipulation."

Misty and I smile at each other knowingly.

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